Pentamental Podcast w/ Thomas Imlauer & Michael Theroux -- Scalar Energy, Aether Physics, & Antigravity

08.14.15 Episode 16: Thomas Imlauer, Michael Theroux (Audio Stream)

Part 1 - This Old Scientist w/ Thomas Imlauer: (MP3 Download)
Electrical engineer & applied scientist Thomas Imlauer discusses scalar wave technology, theoretical ether physics, and how we might tap the source field of living nature.
Topics: Longitudinal Waves, Scalar Waves, ZPE & Noise, Living Energy, Ether Physics, Testatika, Correa Motor, Reich & Orgone, Fibonacci Sequence/Golden Mean, Big Bang, Positivism, Asymmetry, High Voltage & Ion Wind, Plasma, Radium Doping, Antigravity, UFO/Nazi Bell, Spin, Hal Puthoff & SED, Interconnectivity, Hutchison Effect, James Randi.

Part 2 - Formative Forces w/ Michael Theroux: (MP3 Download)
Musician & radio technician Michael Theroux discusses the rhythmic formative forces of music, esoteric sciences, and the mysterious language of mushrooms.
Topics: Integratron, Borderlands, TJ Brown, Coral Castle, Magnetic Current,Trevor Constable, Rudolph Steiner, 4 Ethers/4 Elements, Reich, Weather Engineering, Tone Ether, Antigravity/Free Energy, Musick/Cymatics, Bach, Zappa/Beefheart, Orgone, Geometry, 440/432, Mushroom Sentience, Bees, Harmonics/Octaves, Sacred Spaces, Gurdjieff.

Matt Pulver Interviewed on Sync Book Radio's Pentamental Podcast


01.19.15 Episode 5: Matt Pulver, Christopher Dunn: (Audio Stream)

Part 1 - SQK & The Law of One w/ Matt Pulver: (MP3 Download)
Physicist & alternative researcher Matt Pulver discusses the science of subquantum kinetics (SQK) as well as the spiritual dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza.
Topics: General Systems, Physics, Subquantum Kinetics, Ether(s), Solitons, Big Bang, Genic Energy, Science vs. Speculation, Ra Material, Spiritual Evolution, Pyramid Technology, Intelligent Infinity, Diamonds, Dimensions, Perception, Blue-Science, Nazi Bell.

Part 2 - The Giza Power Plant w/ Christopher Dunn: (MP3 Download)
Engineer & author Christopher Dunn discusses the architectural precision of the Great Pyramid and speculates whether it served as a power plant for ancient technologies.
Topics: Tomb Theory, Cycles, Electromagnetic Tech, Systems Engineering, Pulse Generator, Chemical Salt(s), Shaft(s), Queen's Chamber, Hydrogen, Switches, King's Chamber, MASER, Harmonics/Frequency/Resonance, Coupled Feedback, Giza Tune-Up, Wireless EM, Tesla.

A Free Energy Dialogue -- Episode No. 3

Matt & John discuss a variety of topics including: C.P. Steinmetz & Impulse Electricity; Longitudinal Wave Mechanics; Wick Transformation & SQK; Bohm's Holographic Universe; Reaction-Diffusion & Fourier Transforms; Formalizing the SQK-Holomovement; Modeling EVO Solitons; Modeling SQK Particle Creation; and more. Leave any suggestions for future topics of conversation in the comments section. We appreciate your time, attention, and contributions.

What Are Scalar Waves?

* This is a re-post of an article I wrote for my blog Q-Niverse back in May of 2013:

ScalarWaveCoverWhat is a “scalar wave” exactly? Scalar waves (hereafter SW) are often likened to "longitudinal" waves. Other theorists have modeled them as virtual pressure waves existing in subquantum "potentials". The term “scalar” is often used because the hypothetical source of these waves is thought to be a "scalar field" of some kind. This means it possesses magnitude but not direction -- similar to the Higgs Field for example.

There is nothing particularly controversial about longitudinal waves (hereafter LW) in general. They are a ubiquitous and well-acknowledged phenomenon in nature. Sound waves that travel through the atmosphere (or underwater) are longitudinal; as are plasma waves propagating through space (aka "Birkeland currents"). Longitudinal waves moving through the Earth's interior are known as "telluric currents". They can all be thought of as pressure waves of sorts. Continue reading

Subquantum Kinetics: Autogenesis in 2 Dimensions

This is a 2-dimensional simulation of the process known as autogenesis in the framework of subquantum kinetics (SQK). The initial conditions at t=0 are two particles situated next to each other. The reaction-diffusion system known as Model G, under specific system parameters, gives rise to natural particle formation in the vicinity of existing matter. In this case the system parameters create a super-critical environment in which new particles are created with ease, such as in certain life stages of a neutron star (the particles being actual neutrons) or in the center of a galaxy in which the rapid matter formation can give rise to a galactic superwave. Continue reading

Interview with Thomas Imlauer: Scalar Waves, Zero Point Energy, & Rethinking Nature

Here is an Interview with Electrical Engineer and Tesla-Technologist Thomas Imlauer, recorded a year ago now, on the topics of scalar wave theory, the feasibility of harnessing zero point fluctuations, and reconceptualizing how nature works. Online, Thomas operates under the pseudonym TheOldScientist. On both his personal website and YouTube channel he has posted numerous in-depth videos cataloguing his innovative work. Thomas is also a contemporary and acquaintance of other visionaries in the field including Eric Dollard, Konstantin Meyl, and Jean-Louis Naudin. More information can be found at Continue reading

Aquapol Dehydration System: A Proven Exotic Energy Device

Aquapol-1One of the most interesting, yet underpublicized, pieces of exotic energy technology I have stumbled across during my investigations has to be inventor Wilhelm Mohorn's Aquapol exotic dehydrator technology. While it doesn't produce "free energy" per se, the device performs demonstrable free work. That is a huge accomplishment in and of itself. Until conventional theory somehow manages to cobble together an ad hoc explanation, it would appear that new physics is clearly at play, and cries out for an explanation. Continue reading

A Free Energy Dialogue -- Episode No. 2

Blue Science's Matt Pulver and John Maguire discuss various topics including: Critical Analysis of QEG; Value of Proof-of-Principle; Roger Penrose's Platonic Interactionism; Mathematics & 4D Reality; Nature of Mind & Consciousness; Artificial Intelligence & The Singularity; Value of Metaphysics & Philosophy; New Atheism; and more. Keep an eye out for future dialogues, and let us know any topics you'd like to see discussed in future episodes.

Quantum Energy Generator

This looks very promising interesting*:

Download the open source specs here:

*Update May 10, 2014:

This technology is not home free, in that the over-unity self-powering loop has not been closed. Instead, what is claimed is that the output energy is greater than the input energy. The question is, how is the output energy measured?

In electrical systems, the power P (energy) is equal to the voltage (V) times current (I):

 P = V \times I

Therefore if one measures a high output voltage V and high output current I and multiplies them together to derive a calculated power P which is greater than the input power, it is then tempting to claim over-unity has been achieved. However, with alternating currents, as is the case with the QEG, there is a critical third variable, which is the phase difference \phi between the current and voltage:


The phase between voltage and current determines whether there is usable power.

Since both the current and voltage are oscillating in an alternating current, it is important that they be sufficiently synchronized in order to have usable energy. The phase \phi is an indicator of the degree of synchronicity. Whether or not the QEG satisfies this requirement is still an open question.

Updated May 21, 2014

A few days ago HopeGirl posted the video

which report the following numbers:

Output voltage = 1.9 kV
Output current = 1 Amp
Input power = 655 Watts

James commented that the output measurements are "peak readings".

Taking into consideration the phase \phi between output voltage and current, the formula, assuming a perfect sine wave for the alternating voltage and current, is

 \mbox{Output power} = 1.9{\rm kV}\times1{\rm Amp}\times\frac{1}{2}\cos\phi = 950{\rm W}\times\cos\phi

In the best case, in which output voltage and current are in-phase, \phi=0 and \cos\phi=1 then we have the efficiency = \frac{950{\rm W}}{655{\rm W}}=145\% which is over-unity.

In the worst case, in which the output voltage and current are out of phase by \phi=90^\circ, then \cos\phi=0 in which case there is no real energy output.

We need to know the relative phase between the output voltage and current before the claim of over-unity is made.

A Free Energy Dialogue -- Episode No. 1

A casual conversation between Blue Science co-founder Matt Pulver and researcher John Maguire. Topics covered include: Recent Cold Fusion Developments; Searl Magnetics Inc.; Vacuum Energy Dynamics; Open-System Engineering Principles; Computer-Modeling Subquantum Kinetics; and More. Please keep an eye out for future recordings.