Open System Physics: Demystifying "Free" Energy

Argument2Discussions surrounding the notion of "free" energy almost always devolve into polemics when one of the participants derides such an idea as pseudoscience and "utter nonsense" because obviously you cannot violate the vaunted laws of thermodynamics (aka conservation of energy and law of entropy). I will argue here that this point of view is outdated and emblematic of a truncated point of view. What skeptics are failing to grasp is that the first and second laws of thermodynamics only hold in Closed Systems.

Skeptics often downplay problems associated with models that have become, in many ways, antiquated. For example the Big Bang demands a violation of conservation laws a priori. Just because its inherent complications are explained away by Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle does not make its energetic origins any less mysterious. Also, 70% of energy in the Universe appears "Dark" and seems to be increasing. Theoretically speaking we know conservation laws are statistical in nature, and there is some speculation that symmetry laws in general are merely special cases (albeit ubiquitous) that break down on the cosmological scale. In that sense the universe may be asymmetrical and prone to conservation violations by nature.

One of the clearest experimental indicators that there still remains a treasure trove of new physics left to be unveiled is known as Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. LENR (aka Cold Fusion) is perpetually ignored and/or dismissed, despite having been proven beyond a doubt experimentally --- in countless cases worldwide since 1989 --- and being underwritten by a diverse array of theoretical explanations (for example MIT's Peter Hagelstein; Los Alamos' Edmund Storms; Nobel Laureate Julian Schwinger; Retired MIT-Nanotechnologist Ken Shoulders). What is most significant is that CF-LENR appears to violate majority opinion in regards to how energy conservation laws might work. It would appear from countless tests that both electrolytic cells and gas-driven reactors output significantly more energy than is put in to them (Rossi's E-Cat; Defkalion Hyperion; Brillouin Boiler; JET Energy NANOR).

Even though the standard model has taught us that nucleons possess a huge amount of stored energy, effectively liberating that energy has always been the tricky part. Most scientists believe that such a feat can only be achieved in a high temperature, high pressure system that mimics the Sun. Achieving nuclear-type reactions that produce nuclear-level excess heat within such a relatively low-temperature chemical environment simply goes against standard atomic theory -- but the experimental results appear undeniable.

BediniSG1But is there any solid proof for "Over- Unity" electric and/or magnetic motors? While there is yet to be demonstrable proof of a "sure thing", and though much surrounding the notion of exotic free-energy devices is not yet well understood or as developed as CF-LENR, there are some promising candidates worth mentioning. For example, simplified models of the Bedini Motor (aka Bedini SG) have been replicated by a respectable number of Open-Source Enthusiasts. These motors seem capable of both powering a load and recharging an auxiliary battery at the same time.

Similarly, an inventive engineer operating under the pseudonym UFOPolitics has sparked a flurry of activity at amongst fellow Grassroots Technologists by making available his Asymmetric Motor Specs. Functionally similar in ways to the Bedini SG, this electric motor model runs cool, generates unusually high torque, and appears able to recharge its batteries by making use of its Back-EMF.


Dr.'s Alexandra and Paulo Correa of Canada patented an over-unity plasma motor in the 90s' called the PAGDBased in principle on the exotic plasma-tube technologies of inventor T. Henry Moray, the PAGD was held in very high regard by both Dr. Eugene Mallove, a former aerospace engineer and science journalist at MIT, and Dr. Harold Apsden, who held the position of lead patent attorney at IBM for over twenty years. Unfortunately both men are now deceased, and the Correas have not garnered the same attention since their passing.


Also worth mentioning is the Yildiz Magnetic Motor which appears to generate mechanical energy with no input. It is believed to be making use of neodymium magnets to generate its power. It has the backing of Professor J.L. Duarte, who has evaluated the device on a number of occasions and has claimed to have found little indication or possibility of fraud (though it cannot be completely ruled out). The device has been demonstrated at a number of Universities, and was recently showcased publically at the Inventors Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland.


If such a device is ever demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt, the million dollar question remains: What can possibly account for such an anomaly? To answer this we must first understand the difference between an Open System and a Closed System. Most theorists envision the Universe in its entirety as a closed system; meaning it is self-contained, energetically finite and tends toward a state of equilibrium (maximum entropy and disorder). Many of our technologies mirror this flawed principle in that they are designed to intake a finite energy source (petroleum for example) and inefficiently dissipate it in exchange for work. This always results in a Coefficient of Performance (COP) less than (<) unity (1.0 or 100% input/output ratio).

OpenSystem1Open systems on the other hand operate much differently. Take for example technologies such as windmills, solar cells, or water wheels. They take their energy from environmental sources that can be considered infinite for all practical purposes, and can therefore operate at COP > 1.0.

Open systems, through their perpetual intake of an outside energy source, are able to defy the countervailing force of entropy for prolonged periods of time (aka Negentropy and/or Spontaneous Self-Organization). For example every organism in the biosphere exhibits this principle as a result of their energetic coupling (aka Feedback) with the environment. What are often labeled as free energy systems, if they indeed work as advertised, likely operate according to an almost identical principle.

The bottomless source of energy that underwrites our Open Universe (in the thermodynamic sense) has been tagged with various names throughout recorded history. In Eastern mystical traditions it was known as the Akasha. Within the 19th century physics community it was labeled as the Luminiferous Aether. More recently many theorists have come to identify it as the virtual Zero-Point Field. Unfortunately at the turn of the 20th century most members of the scientific community dismissed the idea of a static (passive/material) Aether in the wake of the Michelson-Morley interferometry experiments. By the 1920s Einstein's Relativistic Space-Time Manifold had been adopted in the Aether's stead.

Relativity1However all of this seems rather erroneous in hindsight considering that not only did Michelson-Morley not disprove a dynamic-kinetic Aether, more thorough work conducted by Dayton Miller (the preeminent physicist of his day) in the 1930s, and others since, seems to refute the findings of Michelson-Morley entirely. Therefore we are on firm ground in stating that the Aether was not disproven, it simply went out of fashion.

Ether1In the 21st century the Aether paradigm is alive and well within a number of theoretical frameworks. For example, Wallace Thornhill (Electrical Engineer and founder of the Electric Universe paradigm) and Konstantin Meyl (German Physicist/Engineer) conceive of the Aether as an ocean of energy-rich neutrinos. Harold Aspden (British Physicist/Engineer) envisioned the Aether as a Liquid-Crystal continuum consisting of charged particles he referred to as quonsPaul LaViolette (American Physicist/Systems Theorist) on the other hand has modeled the Aether as a kinetic, cross-catalytic potential field (aka Model-G) that gives rise to all the fundamental forces and particles in Nature, in which material particles naturally arise as self-stabilizing patterns within the alchemical Aether. And of course there is the oft-referenced Zero-Point Field seething with virtual electron-positron flux (derived from QED and extended by SED).

Disregarding their differences for the moment (in the interest of keeping this essay concise), let me focus on the most vital factor uniting all of these Aether models: They all represent a realistic source of abundant, cheap, clean energy (and perhaps have applications to space-propulsion as well). While it does seem to require (cost) a small amount of work (input) to tap this environmental plenumbecause it meets the criteria of a dynamic open system, it can be considered "free" energy for all practical purposes. As Marcin Jakubowski (Founder of Open Source Ecology) once said, “Instead of our lives being more based on leisure time and actually doing things that are most meaningful, so we can improve ourselves as people and learn to get along, we are struggling with basic resource scarcities”. I could not agree more. Undoubtedly free energy, conscious evolution, and the post-scarcity era will all develop hand-in-hand.

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  1. the concept of 'free energy' is a misnomer. There are several sources of free energy. Once you have the conversion machines, energy from solar, wind and wave Energy can be easily converted to electricity without inputting anything. The real problem is the poor efficiency of converting energy from one state to another and also minimising the losses through the system. I'm really unsure about the over-unity concept. There are many dangerous imbalances associated with abstracting energy from one side of a system to another and that's what we are really saying isn't it? The universe, both micro and macro is in a state of balance and OU may just contravene that state of equilibrium. Yes, we can abstract and it has been done, but scale this up to a 'greedy world level' and what have we got?

    Another problem is how we are so entrenched in 'old science' that measures power as a function of volts/amps and watts. John Bedini made it clear that we have to break away from this restricting paradigm. Here's what John states in relation to the SG circuit and others;

    "There is NO free electricity produced in these systems, or any other system that I know of. I have stated this repeatedly. The only thing these systems produce are a series of "high voltage spikes" that have no current associated with them. Voltage without current is the nature of Radiant Energy. This is what Tesla said. I call this "reactive power" because it does not represent voltage and current simultaneously, that could be measured as WATTS. This Radiant Reactive power WILL charge batteries, light light-bulbs and other things but it DOES NOT meter as REAL POWER." (quote; John Bedini)

    What we really need are a breed of NEW scientists that erm... exercise the old idea of experimentation and observation, unclouded by dogmas, politics and financial incentives.

    I doubt there are many of those left and until they re-emerge, we are doomed to old style state of the-ark-science. What we also need is a human psyche that understands and harmonises with natural systems that already exist. Without that OU may just be the last discovery we ever make before final meltdown.

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    • Well said; I very much agree. Perhaps you could clarify what you mean by the word "dangerous", but I certainly agree that phenomenon like explosive transient electricity are very difficult to gate/control which poses serious hazards when scaling up these high output machines. Definitely worth contemplating moving forward.

      You are also correct in saying that the world is balanced. But it would also appear that A) Planets and Stars are Outputting Energy into 3-Space (10-15%) unexplainable by Nuclear Fusion (Likely Genic Energy or LENR in the Core), B) Dark Energy (Aether) is likely Increasing, and C) Without understanding the Aether fully we can't say for sure whether all gauge/symmetry laws hold for it or not (they barely hold in the Standard Model but do thanks to a whole myriad of mathematical tricks). The Aether constitutes 95% of the Universe, and it seems able to "fill in the gaps" so to speak, so tapping into that abundance is rather different than tapping into an earthbound source.

      And then the question remains of what is Entropy exactly? It seems to be "lost" energy....but is it? I think a fair amount of entropy becomes enfolded back into the Vacuum for later use; not all of it is lingering in 3-Space. As Eric Dollard has discussed at length a good amount of Energy appears to just disappear (not dissipate) in electrical systems. He proposes it is disappearing into "Counter Space", and I think I agree.

      All the best.

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      • Hi John thanks for the reply. Dangerous? Yes, but maybe in a way we do not yet know or understand. I allude to the onset of increased ET activity in relation to Fusion/ fission) atomic release of energy. Preventing nuclear actions etc. The suggestion is that atomic energy release has serious implications on 'the system' non local to our planet beyond that we have observed or theorised.

        It's a point of conjecture, I know, but think of this, if we find a way to tap the energy balance of matter/ anti matter, dark energy or however we describe it it may have implications. If we imagine the physical realm is like a balloon inflated to a comfortable level. That pressure inside is static, only in relation to the external atmospheric pressure. Tapping zero point energy MAYBE akin to puncturing that balloon. When we breach that energetic pressure differential and get our 'free lunch' we are possibly changing some essential static balance between these differentials, with a whole raft of consequences, maybe explosive, or cumulative, and we don't yet know what will happen. Maybe the system is full of these 'leaks' and already adjusting through anomalies like black holes and we have nothing to worry about.

        As you suggest, there are more unanswered questions, suppositions and incomplete theories. Clearly the system as a whole is in balance, but that does not prevent pockets of extremes such as our own earth weather system demonstrates. When we see the energy increases from stars and planets, perhaps we only seeing a localised extreme within the whole system and I use local to mean our known universe. My guess is that tapping zero point is the greatest leap in science ever. There will also be a paradox, because that 'free energy' will probably arrive with an enormous cost to human evolution, in some way or another.

        I also suspect there are many individuals and groups pioneering this work already. Some will be positive and some will inevitably using the results for weaponisation research. I am very interested in the work of the Keshe foundation. Maybe you will be looking into this yourselves here?

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        • Very interesting; thanks for the clarification. Pretty sure you're on the right track w/ your line of thinking. I can't say I have much belief in Keshe or his technologies in general. I am agnostic toward him as a person (says some encouraging stuff, then says some really bizarre stuff), but his PR seems overly theatrical. I know Konstantin Meyl, who I think is brilliant/honest, collaborated with his foundation at a demo last year which is encouraging, but still not enough for me to get behind him.

          I honestly don't think truly exotic tech like Keshe is proposing has much hope of hitting the market anytime soon when we still are pushing the LENR boulder up hill. Once LENR gains appropriate momentum/acceptance, I think notions of Aether Engines, Anti-Gravity, and so on will begin to see a commercial path opening. Until then they will continue to be the enterprise of garage geniuses and government black projects it would appear.

          Take care and thanks again.

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          • Ok, fine, not Mr Keshe then! There are plenty of others. Perhaps John Hutchinson and John Searle? Ha, yes, I'm old enough to remember the newspaper stories of his flying discs over here in the UK ... You are right Konstantin Meyl and the scalarwave technology is very close to Tesla's notions of energy transmission.

            Thanks for your comment.

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          • I thought Eric Dollard and his crew had a great opportunity to make stuff happen in his new lab... but now that seems to be changing. However I do think Eric Dollard's is a critical piece of the puzzle for developing consistent over unity.

            I think the Correas in Canada have a legitimate working device and strong theory; but they seem unwilling to engage with the public much at all. But Mallove and Aspden were both very big supporters of theirs.

            While I'm not in love w/ the people he surrounds himself with, I think Bedini's Technologies are also legitimate (if not 100% reliable as of yet).

            Also worth mentioning are UFOPolitics and Thomas Imlauer's Open Source Videos/Experiments. And the Yildiz Magnetic Motor looks like there is really something to it and is moving forward as we speak.

            But to restate LENR is going to drop before any of this if you ask me.


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