Aquapol Dehydration System: A Proven Exotic Energy Device

Aquapol-1One of the most interesting, yet underpublicized, pieces of exotic energy technology I have stumbled across during my investigations has to be inventor Wilhelm Mohorn's Aquapol exotic dehydrator technology. While it doesn't produce "free energy" per se, the device performs demonstrable free work. That is a huge accomplishment in and of itself. Until conventional theory somehow manages to cobble together an ad hoc explanation, it would appear that new physics is clearly at play, and cries out for an explanation. Continue reading

A Free Energy Dialogue -- Episode No. 2

Blue Science's Matt Pulver and John Maguire discuss various topics including: Critical Analysis of QEG; Value of Proof-of-Principle; Roger Penrose's Platonic Interactionism; Mathematics & 4D Reality; Nature of Mind & Consciousness; Artificial Intelligence & The Singularity; Value of Metaphysics & Philosophy; New Atheism; and more. Keep an eye out for future dialogues, and let us know any topics you'd like to see discussed in future episodes.