Aquapol Dehydration System: A Proven Exotic Energy Device

Aquapol-1One of the most interesting, yet underpublicized, pieces of exotic energy technology I have stumbled across during my investigations has to be inventor Wilhelm Mohorn's Aquapol exotic dehydrator technology. While it doesn't produce "free energy" per se, the device performs demonstrable free work. That is a huge accomplishment in and of itself. Until conventional theory somehow manages to cobble together an ad hoc explanation, it would appear that new physics is clearly at play, and cries out for an explanation.

Aquapol-3Since Mohorn established his business in 1985, the technology has proven to be incredibly successful. There have been over 30,000 of these devices deployed throughout Europe. It has been well vetted and is time tested. Mohorn himself has received numerous awards and accolades, and the Aquapol system can rightly be labeled as a proven, 100% legitimate piece of "free energy" technology. Mohorn himself is not shy about coming to a similar conclusion, often referring to the hitherto unrecognized energy source driving his machine as "cosmic energy".

Essentially what the device does is dries out damp basements. This might seem rather pedestrian at first glance, but the truth is structural degradation of building foundations brought about by water damage has always been a major problem throughout Europe that often requires huge repair costs for property owners. So not only has this device freed up capital that can be better invested elsewhere, but even more amazing is that the device requires zero conventional energy input. Beside modest production costs, the technology leaves a non-existent ecological footprint. The thing just sits there and does work.

Aquapol-2Readers should also take note of the construction of the device. Mohorn has clearly incorporated some very peculiar geometrical principles into the design of the technology. In that sense he is in line with the thinking of great inventors like Viktor Schauberger, as well as modern theorists like Moray B. King. When a device appears to be tapping vacuum energy, particular principles inherent in asymmetric geometry and organic self-organizing systems might be playing a critical role in establishing an uplink with the quantum vacuum — or perhaps an even deeper continuum such as the "false vacuum" scalar field.


Often times within the free energy community, many of us stay fixated only on the sexiest or most hype-driven stories. Unfortunately, more often than not, these lead to dead ends and/or end up disappointing us. Swinging for the fences often leads to disillusionment as well as a loss of credibility. So while we shouldn't stop chasing and/or following those stories that have "home run" potential, we shouldn't be overlooking these more modest exotic technologies either that we can point to when confronted with the skeptical catch-call: Where is the so-called evidence for exotic free energy?

Below is an abridged presentation Wilhelm Mohorn gave at the 2012 Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference in which he explains his unconventional theory about how the device is powered:

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