Subquantum Kinetics: Autogenesis in 2 Dimensions

This is a 2-dimensional simulation of the process known as autogenesis in the framework of subquantum kinetics (SQK). The initial conditions at t=0 are two particles situated next to each other. The reaction-diffusion system known as Model G, under specific system parameters, gives rise to natural particle formation in the vicinity of existing matter. In this case the system parameters create a super-critical environment in which new particles are created with ease, such as in certain life stages of a neutron star (the particles being actual neutrons) or in the center of a galaxy in which the rapid matter formation can give rise to a galactic superwave. Continue reading

Interview with Thomas Imlauer: Scalar Waves, Zero Point Energy, & Rethinking Nature

Here is an Interview with Electrical Engineer and Tesla-Technologist Thomas Imlauer, recorded a year ago now, on the topics of scalar wave theory, the feasibility of harnessing zero point fluctuations, and reconceptualizing how nature works. Online, Thomas operates under the pseudonym TheOldScientist. On both his personal website and YouTube channel he has posted numerous in-depth videos cataloguing his innovative work. Thomas is also a contemporary and acquaintance of other visionaries in the field including Eric Dollard, Konstantin Meyl, and Jean-Louis Naudin. More information can be found at Continue reading