About Us

Blue Science is the scientific branch of Project Camelot. It has grown out of:

  1. the need of Project Camelot to evaluate the scientific and technical claims of witnesses and whistle blowers, and
  2. the need of the public to access and use the hidden sciences and technologies that have been kept from us.

Apotheosis of Washington - Science

We see the next American/global revolution as not just a return to the kind of political freedom during the founding of these united States, but additionally, a forward movement into energy freedom. Our Founding Fathers were not merely politicians; they were philosophers of the highest order, with highly spiritual considerations catalyzed into action by facing the same tyrannical and oppressive forces which are revealing themselves now. This present time is a reflection of that period in history. Energy freedom is just one of many manifestations of the evolution in consciousness that is taking place within all of us that is leading to a new age of freedom and liberty.

Blue Science Staff

Co-founder/Researcher: Matt Pulver
Co-founder: Kerry Cassidy
Researcher: John Maguire

General contact: info@blue-science.org
Web site issues: webmaster@blue-science.org