Pentamental Podcast w/ Thomas Imlauer & Michael Theroux -- Scalar Energy, Aether Physics, & Antigravity

08.14.15 Episode 16: Thomas Imlauer, Michael Theroux (Audio Stream)

Part 1 - This Old Scientist w/ Thomas Imlauer: (MP3 Download)
Electrical engineer & applied scientist Thomas Imlauer discusses scalar wave technology, theoretical ether physics, and how we might tap the source field of living nature.
Topics: Longitudinal Waves, Scalar Waves, ZPE & Noise, Living Energy, Ether Physics, Testatika, Correa Motor, Reich & Orgone, Fibonacci Sequence/Golden Mean, Big Bang, Positivism, Asymmetry, High Voltage & Ion Wind, Plasma, Radium Doping, Antigravity, UFO/Nazi Bell, Spin, Hal Puthoff & SED, Interconnectivity, Hutchison Effect, James Randi.

Part 2 - Formative Forces w/ Michael Theroux: (MP3 Download)
Musician & radio technician Michael Theroux discusses the rhythmic formative forces of music, esoteric sciences, and the mysterious language of mushrooms.
Topics: Integratron, Borderlands, TJ Brown, Coral Castle, Magnetic Current,Trevor Constable, Rudolph Steiner, 4 Ethers/4 Elements, Reich, Weather Engineering, Tone Ether, Antigravity/Free Energy, Musick/Cymatics, Bach, Zappa/Beefheart, Orgone, Geometry, 440/432, Mushroom Sentience, Bees, Harmonics/Octaves, Sacred Spaces, Gurdjieff.

Matt Pulver Interviewed on Sync Book Radio's Pentamental Podcast


01.19.15 Episode 5: Matt Pulver, Christopher Dunn: (Audio Stream)

Part 1 - SQK & The Law of One w/ Matt Pulver: (MP3 Download)
Physicist & alternative researcher Matt Pulver discusses the science of subquantum kinetics (SQK) as well as the spiritual dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza.
Topics: General Systems, Physics, Subquantum Kinetics, Ether(s), Solitons, Big Bang, Genic Energy, Science vs. Speculation, Ra Material, Spiritual Evolution, Pyramid Technology, Intelligent Infinity, Diamonds, Dimensions, Perception, Blue-Science, Nazi Bell.

Part 2 - The Giza Power Plant w/ Christopher Dunn: (MP3 Download)
Engineer & author Christopher Dunn discusses the architectural precision of the Great Pyramid and speculates whether it served as a power plant for ancient technologies.
Topics: Tomb Theory, Cycles, Electromagnetic Tech, Systems Engineering, Pulse Generator, Chemical Salt(s), Shaft(s), Queen's Chamber, Hydrogen, Switches, King's Chamber, MASER, Harmonics/Frequency/Resonance, Coupled Feedback, Giza Tune-Up, Wireless EM, Tesla.

A Free Energy Dialogue -- Episode No. 3

Matt & John discuss a variety of topics including: C.P. Steinmetz & Impulse Electricity; Longitudinal Wave Mechanics; Wick Transformation & SQK; Bohm's Holographic Universe; Reaction-Diffusion & Fourier Transforms; Formalizing the SQK-Holomovement; Modeling EVO Solitons; Modeling SQK Particle Creation; and more. Leave any suggestions for future topics of conversation in the comments section. We appreciate your time, attention, and contributions.

Aquapol Dehydration System: A Proven Exotic Energy Device

Aquapol-1One of the most interesting, yet underpublicized, pieces of exotic energy technology I have stumbled across during my investigations has to be inventor Wilhelm Mohorn's Aquapol exotic dehydrator technology. While it doesn't produce "free energy" per se, the device performs demonstrable free work. That is a huge accomplishment in and of itself. Until conventional theory somehow manages to cobble together an ad hoc explanation, it would appear that new physics is clearly at play, and cries out for an explanation. Continue reading

A Free Energy Dialogue -- Episode No. 2

Blue Science's Matt Pulver and John Maguire discuss various topics including: Critical Analysis of QEG; Value of Proof-of-Principle; Roger Penrose's Platonic Interactionism; Mathematics & 4D Reality; Nature of Mind & Consciousness; Artificial Intelligence & The Singularity; Value of Metaphysics & Philosophy; New Atheism; and more. Keep an eye out for future dialogues, and let us know any topics you'd like to see discussed in future episodes.

A Free Energy Dialogue -- Episode No. 1

A casual conversation between Blue Science co-founder Matt Pulver and researcher John Maguire. Topics covered include: Recent Cold Fusion Developments; Searl Magnetics Inc.; Vacuum Energy Dynamics; Open-System Engineering Principles; Computer-Modeling Subquantum Kinetics; and More. Please keep an eye out for future recordings.

The Dream To Awaken Our World

A history professor once taught: A country cannot control a technology without an academic culture that understands the science. For example, during much of the 20th century, Eastern countries that coveted Western technology learned that the ideas and ways of Western science must also be adopted by their academic institutions if the technology were to be successfully wielded. A sword does little good outside the hands of a trained swordsman.
Continue reading